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Here is a list of some of our more recent updates/changes:


Proposed Zoning Ordinances


Proposed Zoning Ordinance, Chapter 46-Section 4.31 and 4.32

Adopted May 24, 2021 Zoning Ordinances

Proposed Ordinance 187 (Rental)

Adopted ordinance 180 (Animals)

Adopted ordinance 181 (Recreational Marijuana)

Adopted ordinance 182 (Recreational Marijuana)

Adopted ordinance 183 (Medical Marijuana)

Adopted Ordinance 184 (Anti-Blight/Vacancy)

Adopted Ordinance 185 (Water-Shut-off)

Adopted Ordinance 186 (Private Land Sale)

Adopted Ordinance 188 (ORV).

Adopted Ordinance 189 (Golf Carts).

Adopted Ordinance 190 (Bonds).