The Village of Cass City is proud to have partners in offering accessibility to the high speed internet in the area. Charter Communications offers up to 7G cable speeds, Air Advantage offers wireless connections are various speeds, and AT&T and Thumb Cellular offer aircard internet packages for those seeking portability.
Cass City is very fortunate to have several partners in attracting professionals with undergraduate degrees. Cass City High School boasts 95% of its graduates in post-secondary education.  Walbro Engine Management, LLC, Millennium Industries, Marshall Distributing, Inc, Hills and Dales General Hospital, Cass City Public Schools, Rawson Memorial District Library, and the Village of Cass City are some of the local employers hiring engineers, teachers, doctors, accountants, and nurses in the local area.
As with many communities in Michigan, infrastructure in the Village of Cass City is a constant concern. Management continues to seek improvements yearly, and with the pursuit of grant funding from Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), the Village of Cass City has replaced and also installed new sidewalk and street lighting, as part of the Safe Routes to School program. During the past five years, the Village of Cass City has repaired a storm sewer collapse and subsequent repaving and recurbing of Church Street, repaved and recurbed Garfield Avenue, demolished and rebuilt the DPW Building as an add-on to the Arsenic Removal Treatment Plant, and continually apply rubber crack sealing to its streets to extend its use.