Manager’s Report

April 25, 2016


Golf Course

            A local developer has purchased a Cass City property that has been known as Mulligan’s Golf Course.  For those who do not know, a digester receives cow manure from local farmers and converts it into fertilizer.  He has not yet put in the request to Elkland Township for a zoning change, however he has put a request for moving the center of the drain that crosses the golf course to the County Drain Commission.  The Village of Cass City has an easement and therefore has a vested interest in changes that may occur on the property.  It is understood that the property in question is also in Elkland Township.  Attached to this report is a letter from the Tuscola County Drain Commissioner, citing the requirements necessary for any changes in the location and flow of the drain.  It is the duty of the Village to maintain its responsibility of the easement that the Village has possession of. 


SCADA System Upgrade at the Waste Water Treatment Plant

            We are upgrading the SCADA System for our Wastewater Treatment Plant. SCADA stands for Supervisory and Data Acquisition.  The SCADA System was originally installed in 2009.  SCADA was installed by a firm from Ypsilanti called UIS.  UIS gave us an estimate for the upgrade and maintenance of the system.  SCADA is designed to monitor daily flows, chemical distribution/usage, power usage, alarms, lift station performance/alarms and a flow schematic of the plant.  As of now, our SCADA System is run by Charter Internet and if Charter goes down, we have no backup Internet to run our SCADA System.  With the upgrade request, our SCADA System will allow us to run an Internet hot spot; a backup Internet system from Thumb Cellular.  This will allow our SCADA System to be active 24 hours a day, whether Charter is online or not.  SCADA is an invaluable tool for our Wastewater Treatment Plant and a great asset to the Village.


Wastewater Treatment Plant has seen an increase in Water Testing

            The Wastewater Treatment Plant also does contract lab work for municipalities and private residences.  Our lab tests drinking water for Total Coliform.  Total Coliform is an indicator organism used to detect E-coli bacteria.  E-coli are present in all living organism digestive tracts.  The State has told drinking water systems and businesses with wells that they must test their water on a quarterly basis.  The State used to test the drinking water for private citizens, however, the State has told citizens to have certified drinking water labs test their water to get the most accurate results in a timely manner.  Cass City has one of the only drinking water labs in the Thumb of Michigan.  We have picked up a considerable amount of drinking water samples from gas stations, churches, restaurants, citizens, little league organizations, and other municipalities.  It is hard to put monetary total on the number of drinking water tests we run a quarter, as we are always picking up new customers every week.


            Our lab also performs lab work for lagoon customers.  Our lagoon customers are:


  • Village of Gagetown
  • Lakers School
  • Village of Sebewaing
  • Village of Unionville
  • Denmark Township
  • Village of Kingston


Lagoons are generally allowed to discharge twice per year in the Spring and Fall. We test the samples of pH, Ammonia, BOD, fecals, and phosphorus.  Each lagoon customer brings us a pre-discharge sample when we give them the results.  They then notify the DEQ and get the go-ahead to begin discharge.  While discharging, each lagoon customer must sample the water every other day and bring the composite sample to the Wastewater Treatment Plant for analysis.  At the end of the year, lagoon customers will bring 8 – 10 samples a season or 10 – 20 samples per year.

Lagoon sampling and drinking water samples provide an important service to our tri-county area and provide extra revenue for the Village of Cass City.


Barbara Ball: DDA/EDC Member

            Barbara Ball, after 13 years of outstanding service to the DDA and EDC Boards, has submitted her resignation.  We thank her for her commitment to the community and will miss the ideas, thoughts, and support that she contributed to the DDA, EDC, and the Village of Cass City.  We wish Barb the best and will miss her immensely. 

Michigan Grant Seminar

            This seminar will focus on available grants offered to the State of Michigan and will be hosted by Senator Mike Green is on April 22, 2016 from 9 AM to 11 AM at the Brentwood in Caro.  It is open to all local governments, nonprofits, and the public, with six state departments attending.  MDARD, MDEQ, MEDC, Veterans Affairs, DNR, and MDOT.  Trustee Nancy Barrios and Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Dennis McCabe will be in attendance for Cass City.

Parks and Recreation Director

            Kelli McIntyre, our Parks and Recreation Director for the past several years, has informed us that she will no longer be available to for the position and we have begun the process of hiring a new Parks and Recreation Director.  We thank Kelli for her dedication to the Village of Cass City, its parks, residents, and to her contemporaries at the Village.  We wish her all the best in the future.

Farmer’s Market

            Our Farmer’s Market will begin April 22, 2016 in Rotary Park and will continue to take place every Friday from 9 AM until 4 PM.  We hope to have a number of vendors for fruits and vegetables available to the residents through local farmers.  

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