January 25, 2016


2016-2020 Parks and Recreation Master Plan

            The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee decided to form an unendowment fund called “Friends of Cass City Parks” for the purpose of raising money for improvements to the infrastructure of the park, possibly to get additional land to make the park larger.  The initial work has been to assist in the Parks and Recreation Master Plan 2016-2020.  The Master Plan will be submitted to the DNR by March 1, 2016 and with it, requests for infrastructure improvements to the Cass City Recreational Park, as well as the possibility of expanding the park with additional land.  The Parks and Recreation Committee is composed of Nancy Barrios (Chairwoman), Steve Erickson, Nanette Walsh, Carl Palmateer, and Peter Cristiano.  Our thanks go to the Tuscola County EDC for their work in assisting the Village to get the Master Plan completed.


            Our Village is now four acres larger.  The addition was approved by the Tuscola County Board of Commissioners and is awaiting final confirmation from the Michigan Secretary of State.  The four acres is across from the Shell Gas Station at the East-end of the Village.  The first objective of the Frankenmuth Credit Union as owners of the land is to put in an ATM.  The other hope is that a grocery store will be built on the site; it is uncertain at this time.


            The Dairy Farmers of America have enclosed the blowers that were causing noise disturbances in the neighborhood surrounding.  They have called me and indicated that their work is done and asked if I have heard of any complaints.  The problem should be at rest.  We commend the DFA for their due diligence in taking care of this problem. 


            Mathew Ross – a member of the Cass City DDA/EDC – has moved out the community and therefore is no longer eligible to be on either board.  The board has voted to eliminate Matthew as a member of the DDA/EDC.  We thank him for his service to the community and wish him well in his future.

Post Office

            The Post Office is restructuring how it delivers the mail in our community.  The objective is to alleviate the number of injuries they have had to postal workers.  In the near future, both residents and businesses should be getting instructions from the U.S. Postal Service regarding the changes.  They have assured us that the utmost courtesies to their customers is critical and in all cases they will take measures to improve the service and make deliveries more pleasurable.

Brewster Shaw

            Bob and June Brooks have donated a colored print of one the aircrafts that Col. Brewster Shaw of Cass City flew into space.  This will be placed in the lobby of the Village Hall along with a history of Brewster Shaw.

Tuscola County Recycling Center

            The Tuscola County Recycling Center is behind the Village Hall every Friday for residents and others to place their materials into special bins.  This is a program granted to Tuscola County and will continue into the spring months. 

Police Chief Report

            The Chief of the Cass City Police Department, Craig Haynes, has submitted his annual report of all the calls his police officers have had in the past year.  In reading it, the Cass City Police Department has done an outstanding job in reducing crime in our community.  He is to be commended for his work.

Department of Public Works

            The Department of Public Works continues to do an outstanding job in keeping our community clean through the winter months, which is a difficult time for this to be done.  Other communities continually ask me how we keep Main Street – as well as our other residential streets – clear of snow within hours of a snowfall.  They are to be commended by the Village Council and myself for their diligent work. 

Chamber of Commerce Report

            Christmas in the Village went very well.  A program was started called “Santa’s Helpers” and was a success in the month of December.  Businesses purchased gifts for different age groups and displayed the gifts at their businesses.  On the night of the community gathering, numbers were drawn and the children were given the business name of where the child’s gift was located.  The goal was to get people into the different businesses around the Village to see what the businesses had to offer.

            Dues have been sent out for the 2016 membership.  If you are not a member and would like to become one, please contact Judy Keller at the Cass City Chamber of Commerce office located in the Village Hall.

            Please remember that the Freedom Festival is fast-approaching.  The Chamber of Commerce has taken on the role of coordinating the event. THE CHAMBER IS IN-NEED OF VOLUNTEERS. It is a big undertaking and planning for the event will begin soon. 

            The Annual Chamber Dinner honoring our Citizen of the Year and Jr. Citizen of the Year will be held on February 6, 2016 at the VFW Hall. Social hour starts at 5:30 PM.  Tickets are available at Thumb National, Chemical Bank, Independent Bank, Frankenmuth Credit Union, Rawson Memorial Library, and the Chamber office.  Please consider attending.  Ticket price is $26.00 in advance and $31.00 at the door.  $1.00 from the ticket purchase goes to the Jr. Citizen Scholarship Fund.  If you are interested in donating an item for the silent auction, please contact Kate Van Auken at the Rawson Memorial Library or Judy Keller at Chamber office. 

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