Manager’s Report

November 28, 2016


Christmas in the Village

        As has become a custom in Cass City, the Christmas in the Village celebration will be on December 3rd, 2016.

        During the day, businesses on Main Street will have a chili cook off.  As a new addition, Judy Keller, Chamber Administrator has added churches and service clubs to also be involved in the chili cook off.  The cook off of the service clubs and churches will be in the Municipal building.  The parade will start at 6 PM in the evening and will go from the football field to the VFW Hall for the gathering of all the people for Santa Claus.  This has become a very welcome gathering; many young people are expected.  The Chamber of Commerce and its volunteers are to be commended for what is expected to be a special day and evening in Cass City.  As a side note, your Village Manager and Village President will be on a float in the Christmas parade.

Secondary Clarifier Project

        Wastewater treatment is a process by which we treat the organic and inorganic material in our influent flow.  The influent flow or raw wastewater consists of grease, oil, detergents, food, rags, toys, and many other items.  The Cass City Wastewater Plant is a Rotating Biological Contact plant (RBC) and was brought on line in 1980.  The RBC plant is a fine running plant for the age, and is well maintained.

        The plant consists of two Secondary Clarifiers.  The function of the Secondary Clarifiers is to treat the effluent flow from the RBC’s.  The clarifiers remove the solids and the scum before the effluent is sent to the Tertiary filter or the Chlorine contact chamber.  The sludge that settles to the bottom of the tank, is pumped out and sent to the primary digester or primary tanks.  The tanks are equipped with sludge collecting mechanism, driven by gear drive.

        We began the process of replacing the final drives, as replacing seals was not an option since parts were no longer available.  We chose to go with Ovivo USA, LLC.  They are a water/wastewater process company out of Utah.  We chose to replace the old drives with C30HT Ovivo drives.  They are quieter, use less oil, use full synthetic oil, and are chain driven.  A construction company out of Columbus, OH was the installers of the new drive units.  The construction company started on October 17 and completed the project on October 20, 2016.  They were two weeks ahead of the construction schedule.  They did a great job.

        Along with commending the construction crew for a job well done, we also need to commend the WWTP staff.  Dennis (Superintendent), Luke, Norbert, and Bill did an exceptional job prepping the tanks for the project.  They also kept the project flowing, by getting any needed parts, tools, or electrical component, asked for.  The crew worked through breaks if needed and stayed late to help with the project.  A large construction job never goes smoothly, but our crew did an amazing job and they should be commended for dedication to the plant, village, and citizens of Cass City.

Friends of Cass City Parks

        A group headed by Nancy Barrios, Nan Walsh, and members Dottie Scollon, Brad Speirs, Brad Langenburg, Carl Palmateer, and James Freeman.  The mission of this group is to improve the infrastructure of the Cass City Park.  From a Pinney Foundation in 2016, they accomplished putting in a new playground structure.  Their goal for 2017 is to raise money to put a splash park at the Cass City Helen Stevens swimming pool.  They currently have received approval of $8,000 and another $8,000 in the spring of 2017.  Also helping with this grant were Erika Martin, Swimming Pool Director and Scott Cuthrell, Parks and Recreation Director.  Thank you to all the workers and to the Pinney Foundation for this grant.

Christmas for Kids

        The Rotary Club is in its 18th year of providing families in the Cass City School District with toys and gifts for Christmas.  In 2015, they served 100 families with Christmas gifts.  Also, local club’s civic organizations, businesses, and individuals had helped by providing donations of cash toys or service to make this program possible.  The Rotary Club anticipates that 100 families will be served this year.  Hopefully those that can give will do so.  The Rotary thanks you.

Grocery Store

        Progress continues on the grocery store on Main Street.  Actions will be taken by the Village Council and the DDA during the next month.  Mr. Mark Molter will be here in Cass City with his wife Leah to further the progress of the Main Street Grocery store in the first week of December.


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