Manager’s Report

September 26, 2016



Pelican – Three Wheel Broom - Sweeper

        After 30 years we have a new Elgin – Pelican Street sweeper.  The purchase cost is $106,000 dollars and the assistance of the County EDC and the USDA grant money.  This Elgin sweeper raises the bar and set a new benchmark for the industry’s standard.  Based on a design that has been continuously perfected since 1914, the new and improved Pelican combines maneuverability, economy, serviceability, and single lane dumping with a sweep system that easily handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris, as well as smaller particles found in the street.

        Service persons with the Elgin company have been working with DPW staff for the past few days to train and educate them on the new skill set needed to operate this high tech equipment.  We should see the results in the coming weeks and years with this new piece of equipment.

        We thank first, our finance expert Nan Walsh, the assistance of the Tuscola County EDC and the USDA, for their financial grant.  That we have a new piece of modern equipment completely paid for and in operation to give better service to the residents of our community.


Voters to State Government: Help Our Cities

        Michigan voters want their lawmakers to do more to help our state’s cities, according to a new poll conducted over the summer for the Michigan Municipal League by Lansing – based EPIC – MRA.

        Informed that U.S. Census data shows Michigan is the only state in the nation where cities suffered a loss of revenue over the last 15 years, 48% of voters said their local government has too little funding to provide high quality local services to residents.

When told of revenue sharing cuts in the last decade, 65% of voters said they disapproved of the decisions by governors and lawmakers to cut revenue sharing to balance the state budget. We believe that this problem is coming to a head and requiring major decisions by both state and local government.


Low Moderate Income


        We, the Village of Cass City, have been notified by the State and Federal government, by a census of 2010 that we no longer are a low to moderate income community.  What this means is we are ineligible for the majority of grant money available to our community.  However, Caro is considered a low moderate income community.

        We will be looking at this closely, talking with our legislators and the federal government.  What we believe they have done is measured our community and those like ours in terms of the area code.  Therefore, they have looked at villages in terms of including the townships, the farmlands, and a much wider jurisdiction that is done with the cities.  The farmlands in recent years have increased in value because of the crop values, the size of the dairy farms, and wind turbines.  This has to be corrected for us to get federal and state grants as needed.

Chamber Administrator

        The beautification project of potted plants on the Main Street sponsored by Chamber of Commerce members has been awesome.  Not only have the potted plants been attractive but they have also given additional dollars that allowed for free swimming days.  Chamber members have changed the plants and added mums to the pots extending their beauty on Main Street for several more months.

        Joey Kreeger and her amazing crew are once again doing pink October.  They have several surprises that you will see on Main Street.  Pink October will start on September 30th with the lantern lift off at the Lions Pavilion during halftime of the Varsity football game. 

Also, it should be noted that applications have

gone out for the Christmas in the Village Craft Show. The Chamber is looking for at least 60 or more vendors.


Code Enforcement Officer

        George E. Batty will begin the part-time task of enforcing our more serious code enforcement infractions.  He will be working with Curtis Stowe building inspector with our code enforcement group from Caro.  This effort will be handling some of our most difficult enforcements.


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