Manager’s Report

August 29,2016


Chamber Administrator Report

            Judy Keller, chamber administrator, said it best at the beginning of the August report. The summer is winding down, and the downtown flowers are nearing their end. Our full day sponsors provided 12 days of free swimming for Cass City district residents.  The next item on the agenda for the chamber is Christmas in the Village, chili cook off and craft show.  These are fun days for all.  On that note, the Chamber is looking for a Santa Claus.  With sadness, the gentlemen we had for several years passed away in January.  He was wonderful at what he did and was one of the kindest people you’ll have ever met.  If you know of someone who likes to be Santa Claus, please get in touch with the Chamber administrator.

            Before December is pink October and Joey Krieger and her group will once again be doing a bigger and better pink October. She has events planned and flyers will be out soon indicating the special events of pink October.

          The Chamber of Commerce is refocusing their direction developing new ideas and more ways to promote and grow our businesses.  All ideas are welcome.

Summer Parks and Recreation

            Our new parks and recreation director for 2016 is Scott Cuthrell. The newly expanded day camp building was really successful.  All of the kids enjoyed the weekly activities and special events.  Although the numbers were slightly lower than 2015, the main objective for next year will be to advertise earlier and make an effort to bring in more kids.  Ideas are being put together for 2017 at this time. 

          The swimming pool lessons were exceptional this year.  The quality of instruction for swim lessons exceeded expectations and many compliments of the instructors were received.  The free swim days were very popular and the cleaning was kept up well.  The main objective for the 2017 season is to work together in order to maintain our facility.  The number one priority is to replace the roof along with the vacuum and tile at the pool.  A grant is being proposed for these replacements.

          The park grounds were maintained, cleaned and trimmed very well.  Also, the buildings on the park grounds scraped and painted by the staff.  Through the winter, the picnic tables need reconditioning and the basketball courts need major repairs in the years to come.

          Scott is looking forward to an earlier start in planning for the 2017 season.

Team One Credit Union ATM

          At the south east corner of Maple and 81 (Main Street) the Team One Credit Union ATM machine is rapidly coming along in its construction.  The entrance and exit for this ATM will be on and off of Maple Street.

Grocery Store

          Mr. Mark Molter has presented to the Village of Cass City, initial renderings and schematics of the proposed grocery store on Main Street adjacent to the municipal building and to the east.  These drawings are being presented to the village council tonight on August 29th.  They will be available in the municipal building for viewing after the 29th.  It is understood that changes in the building may come at the point of construction.

Friends of Cass City Parks

          The committee of Friends of Cass City Parks is beginning to organize to raise funds to improve the infrastructure of our park.  They are led by council member Nancy Barrios and assisted by our treasurer Nanette Walsh.  They are currently asking for any contributions for this worthy cause.  This is a separate volunteer organization that is formed.  Citizens from the thumb who may be interested in this committee do not hesitate to become involved.

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