Manager’s Report

June 27, 2016


State Shared Revenue

          “If the State can afford to cut business taxes by $3 billion over the last five years, they can afford to fully fund revenue sharing.”  That quote from Robert Kleine (former State of Michigan Treasurer) during a news conference simply sums up how the State of Michigan – over the last 15 years – has prioritized State needs over essential services at the local level; namely, police, fire departments, schools, road maintenance, and much more.  Then Kleine got really blunt: “The State has failed our cities.  We have a dysfunctional system of local government organization and financing.  The entire system needs to be overhauled.  We cannot have a strong state without strong communities.

          This is the sentiment of many people at the state level and the Michigan Municipal League, as well.  Chris Hackbarth, Director of State Affairs for the Michigan Municipal League (MML) has put together a document called Municipal Finance Reform and it pretty well shows what the State is doing and continues to do.  What we are glad to see is the MML is becoming proactive in bringing this to the forefront.  I will continue to keep you updated on this important subject.

Freedom Festival


          The volunteers of the Freedom Festival have been working hard to have an outstanding festival for our community in 2016.  Events will start Thursday, June 30 and will continue through Sunday, July 3.  The fireworks will take place on Saturday evening, July 2.  Our gratitude to the many volunteers will make all these events happen.  We thank them and bless them for their efforts.

DTE Energy

          A pamphlet has been put out by a group with concerns about the new outside meters being installed by Detroit Edison.  I have called Detroit Edison and they are sending us informational pamphlets that respond to these questions and also empathetically indicate that they have been reviewed by the Public Services Commission.  The Public Services Commission has responded positively in terms of the outside meters.  We are hoping that we will have this information by the time the Council meeting commences.  I will be continuing to monitor these questions about DTE’s meters.

Summer Recreation Programs

          We are happy to say that the activities in the park are overwhelming.  The numbers of boys and girls registered are beyond last year’s numbers at this time.  Our new Parks and Recreation Director Scott Cuthrell is doing an excellent job as a hands-on director.

Village Employees

          The Village employees have been doing an outstanding job and we would like to take a moment to thank them for all of their hard work.  Every department – from the police department, to the Wastewater Treatment Plant, to the Department of Public Works – has worked very hard to make this community a great place to live.  We commend them for their efforts. 


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